Since 11 years I was suffering from severe leg pain(joint pain). Even after consulting many doctors and going through various medications, there was no visible difference. Later on one of my friend recommended me for Harsingar leaves. It was hard to rely on what she said but still I gave it a second thought. Finally I Contacted SUNJIVNI HERBS and decided to go for it. As I got satisfactory result in the first month & continued the medication. Today after five months I got total relief from the pain and suffering.

- Jyoti Ben

  In 2011, I underwent bypass surgery and was suffering from diabetes, BP since 20 years. I had to take medicines for there on daily bases. Since last 4 years I got severe pain. I consulted various doctors in my city Bhavnagar but did not get any satisfactory result. One of my relative referred me about SUNJIVNI HERBS Harsingar course. After completion of the course I totally feel relief. Every dawn and I go to temple.

- Savita Ben

  Since 3 years I was suffering from heel pain. It was difficult for me to even take a walk in my house. I underwent many medical treatments but had no result. It became a dream to go to jain temple(Derasar) for me. I was feeling very helpless because I couldn’t walk without anybodys support. Today I thank SUNJIVNI HERBS completely curing my heel pain. It’s a dream come true that I can go to Derasar(jain temple) everyday.

- Dolly Ben

Weight Loss

  4 years ago I suddenly put on weight. Doctors advised me to go for thyroid check up. Unfortunately test results were positive(Hypo). Even after taking medication I did not experience any change in my weight. With medicines I stared dieting, Yoga, exercise, etc but all in vain. While surfing on facebook I came across SUNJIVNI HERBS ad. So I went for the course. After six months of the course I lose 13 kg’s. Thanks to SUNJIVNI HERBS.

- Mansi

  From Childhood I had balanced weight. There were hardly any variations of 2-3 kg’s. 5 years back I faced menopause and hormonal imbalance due to which I gained 15-17 kg’s of weight. One day morning I came across an advertisement in newspaper of SUNJIVNI HERBS. If got wonders after taking SUNJIVNI HERBS course I lost 12 kg’s in just 4 months. I feel greatful and I went recommend SUNJIVNI HERBS to all.

- Rakhi Ben

  After having cesarean delivery I gained a lot of weight and it was not in control. As I came across SUNJIVNI HERBS I opted for SUNJIVNI HERBS weight loss course. How I have a balanced weight I feel like an active mother.

- Poonam Kumar Singh