Kamvardhak Pak

The incredible Kamvardhak Pak made with the natural herbs like white Musli, Ashwagandha, Yashthimadhu Kavach Seeds, Shatawari etc. is very useful to augment libido and also benefits in early and sudden ejaculation.

This Kamvardhak Pak helps to increase the resistance power against viral disease.

Price : 3000/kg

Mahakameshwar Pak

This Mahakameshwar Pak is made by Ashwagandha, Mochras, Shatawari, Til, Gokharu, Musli, Giloy Salisa, Yashtimadhu Kavach Seeds, Punar, Chitrak etc.

After consuming one, one laddu in morning and evening have a glass of sugar mixed milk.

This is the best pak in all paks. This Mahakameshwar Pak is effective and suitable for both men and women facing serious issues in their sexual relationships. It also made premature(early and sudden) ejaculation and enhances vitality vigor and stamina.

This Mahakameshwar Pak will help to rejuvenate your Body.

Price : 4500/kg

Kumari Pak

Kumari Pak is made by Kuwar Patha(Aloe Vera). Trikatu, Javantri, Clove, Chitrak Gokharu etc.

This Kumari Pak is specially made for Ladies. It helps to heal various disease like Aamvat, Asthama, Leucaria, Pradar Rog, Menstrual Circle etc.

After consuming one-one laddu morning, evening so many problems can be solved for both male and female.

Price : 2600/kg

Kaucha Pak

This Kaucha Pak is made by the recipe of Ayurved Ratna Vaidhya Shri Milindji of Gujrat.

The ingredients of this Kaucha Pak is Kavach Seeds, Kesar, Peper, Javantri, Akalkara, Jayfal, Punarnava, Haritaki, Baldana, Musli, Nagbala etc.

By daily consuming of Kaucha Pak a man can achieve Strength, Vigor, Vitality and Stamina, and also enhance sexual performance.

It also helps to cure cough, swelling gas, obesity and thickening of seminal fluid.

Price : 2600/kg

Musli Pak

Musali Pak is made by musli, Trikati, Shatavari, Javantri, Ajmod, Piprimul, Avla, Ashwagandha, Nagarmoth, Akalkara, Til, Yeshthimatha, Almond, Jatamasi,Clove and Chaturjat.

Daily consumption of Musli Pak have the fascinating benefits. It helps to improve Vigor, Vitality and Stamina.

It also helps to cure all type of Gastric diseases, weakness of seminal fluid, obesity etc.

This Musli Pak is the Best for Male.

Price : 4200/kg

Badam Pak

Badam(Almond) Pak is made by Badam(Almond), Clove, Brahmi, Javantri, Kesas Chaturjat etc.

This Badam Pak is obviously best for any male or female but also very nice for young students. Because it increase the memory power.

Badam Pak gives best result in winter (cold) season.

Price : 2100/-

Sundari Saubhagya Pak

Sundari Saubhagya Pak is specially made for Ladies who become very sick and unhealthy due to pregnancy.

Sundari Saubhagya Pak contents, Sunth(dry ginger), Vavding Nagarmoth, nagkesar, cardamom, Shilajit, Suva dana(Anise Seeds), triphala, dry dates etc.

This Sundari Saubhagya Pak gives best results in 80 type Gas disease, 20 type of cough disease and 40 type of Pitt disease.

This Sundari Saubhagya Pak is best for Ladies.

Price : 2500/-

Salam Pak

Salam Pak is made by Salam, Pista Badam(Almond), White Musali, Jayfal(Nutmeg), taj(Cinamon) etc.

Consuming Salam Pak in winter(cold) season give the best result and it helps to rejuvenate body.

Price : 2500/-

Madanvardhak Modak Pak

Gokharu(caltrops), Talimkhana, Shatawari, Ashwagandha, Kavach Seed, Musli, Yashtimadhu(Licorice), Akalkara(Pellitory) are the main contents of this Madan Vardhak Modak pak increases the Stamina, Vigor and Vitality, augments libido and increases the extent of orgasm.

This Pak is also benefits more in winter.

Price : 3000/-

Panchjirak Pak

Panchjirak Pak is made by Jeera(Cummin Seeds), Saunt(Fennel Seeds), Ajmod bishop-weed Seed, Suva(Anise Seed), Methi(fenugreek), Sunth(dry ginger), Peper, Peper root, Chitrak, Vidarikand etc.

It is specially made for Ladies who is suffering from menstrual pain, due pregnancy, cough, Asthama etc.

After pregnancy this Panchjirak Pak is the best for Ladies.

Price : 2100/-