Weight Loss Faq:

1. Is there any a guarantee for weight loss?

Obesity is a very complex problem. Ashwagandha Leaves is helps to provide an effective and safe weight loss which will work only if you are determined . Ashwagandha Leaves helped many people to loose obecity . so it will help you too. If you are interested to loose weight safely without any fear of side effects, then order now and start as soon as possible.

2. Is there any diet program we have to follow?

We advocate normal eating as per quantity which satisfies your hunger. One has to maintain certain time gaps between meals. Printed user guide will come with every weight loss program. In our user guide you will find what is right and wrong to take best results in weight loss program and it is very easy to follow. We do not prefer salad and soup diet. Or any kind of hunger suppressant diet.

3. Can we stop consuming Ashwagandha leaves when we reach our desired weight? If, we do so will we gain weight like it happens with other weight loss efforts?

Yes. You can stop consuming Ashwagandha leaves when you reach your targeted weight loss. But you have to take care in future, any of access heavy diet may cause of weight gain again. If you want to maintain your weight life long, you can consume Ashwagandha Leaves of ½ dose. It will help you to maintain weight loss.

4. Does one get zero figure with Ashwagandha Leaves ?

NO, we do not advocate or aim for zero figure. The weight loss will be gradual and in a healthy manner and it will stop losing at certain weight. After that the weight will be maintained and there will be no further unhealthy looks or weight loss.

5. Is it safe, does it have any side effects? will it cause any hormonal changes and cause any problems in pregnancy after marriage?

Its 100% Safe herbs . Absolutely no side effects. Does not cause any loose motions or loss of appetite. Weight loss program will not affect in any way planned pregnancies or any post marriage issues.

6. I have hormonal problems and/or PCOD, Thyroid Problem, will this work for me?

Hormonal Problems do not cause weight gain, rather one gets hormonal problems/PCOD due to increased weight. This Weight loss program will work for all including those having hormonal problems. PCOD will reduce with reduced weight. Hypothyroid problem, if taking medicines as doc had advised, poses no problem for weight loss.

7. I need to reduce only around my tummy and hips, and don’t want reduction in other areas, is that possible?

Yes, Ashwagandha Leaves targets fats of problem areas. If more fats is accumulated on Stomach and/or hips, they will reduce faster.

8. Within how many days we can see results ?

You will feel lighter, more energetic and fresher along with noticeable difference in fat areas. Pants will loosen up, blouses will be less tighter fittings! Time factor will differ from person to person, depending on how long the person had fat deposits. You should see a difference in 15 days time.

10. I am not concerned about my looks, what would be the health benefits?

The health benefits of losing weight are enormous. Diabetics will have better sugar control with lesser drugs, Abnormal cholesterol and lipid profile will become normal and there would be less pain on joints due to decreased load factor.

11. Is it effective for old age people , for BP patients and heart patients , is this safe for him?

Weight loss program is safe for everyone, be that 15 yrs old to 80 year old. Only not advised for Pregnant ladies. Safe for lactating mothers and their child.

Faqs for fresh herbs

1. Do you deliver fresh herbs on daily basis?

No. We deliver Fresh Herbs to your door step every 10 days. Because one can store Fresh Herbs in refrigerator.

2. How to consume fresh herbs ?

You will get USER GUIDE with every Fresh Herbs Consignment . Because each Fresh Herbs has its method to consume. You can call for further information.

3. How to store fresh herbs in refrigerator ?

Fresh Herbs need to be store in a tight container and keep that container in fridge area where we keep milk and other food . Do not keep Fresh Herbs in deep fridge.